Black Garlic Honey

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Two super foods combined together, black garlic and honey create a dip which greatly fits with cheeses and cold cuts. Use it to make a crust on roasted meat or fish, as an ingredient in sweet and sour recipes, mixed with mayonnaise and mustard makes spread on sandwich and burger or like a dressing in salads. Be creative and try it also on fresh fruit.

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The black garlic with pine tree honey and oak is a combination of 2 super foods. The light bitterness of honey blends ideally with the aromas of garlic, creating a product that has countless applications in sweet or savory recipes.

Honey with black garlic, makes with the matured cheese the perfect match! Combine it with yellow or white matured cheese, as a dip or spread on crostini’s, with nuts for a quick snack. It also fits with mature cold cuts, as side dish, in sandwiches and varieties.

The creative combinations with this flavor are endless. Don’t be afraid to combine it with fresh fruit.

Added in marinades and spreads, by itself or in combination with spices like cardamom, pepper and cedar, gives a fragrant crust in grilled meats. Alternative as a fragrant in roll, ideal aromatizes meat or chicken.